Initial assessment

I will carry out an assessment to see what your current movement pattern is - in the Be Activated world a 123 pattern means that all your muscles are functioning and firing in the correct sequence. Your hip flexor (psoas), butt (glutes) and diaphragm are all working well (like a happy toddler's). Most people do not have this pattern - as physical and/or emotional stress disrupts that pattern and over time we learn to compensate by using other muscles - these are the ones that often cause the painful symptoms.
This assessment allows us to understand what your body's current strategy is to keep you going - what's working too much and what not enough. We will discuss how I can help you restore balance. Part of this will be through muscle activations.

For more info on the Be Activated concept:

Muscle activation

More precisely these are neuromuscular activations - I will work through pressure and massage of specific points to 'rewire' and fire up muscles that are not working efficiently. We will test your muscles before and after so we can check the effect the treatment is having.

I'll guide you to tune in to your breathing and start to drop into your 'rest and digest' or parasympathetic system where your body can more readily find ease and solutions.

As required I will use other physiotherapy techniques such as mobilisation, kinesiology taping and soft tissue work.

Return to play

Once your muscles are firing, you need to use them and integrate what your body has learnt! You can achieve this by combining self activations that I will teach you and a simple exercise plan specific to you which will change and keep challenging you until you've achieved your goal - it could be a specific sport-related goal or an activity such as lifting your children or gardening.

I can also design a short yoga programme for you to support you in what you are trying to achieve.

If this sounds good to you, do get in touch!